The readiness of the convener to impart the lives of students with the experience he has obtained during his Undergraduate Education was what attracted me to attend the WIWIK conference. I was a participant of the maiden and third edition of the conference and I had the chance to create personal contacts with some of the speakers and invited guests with whom I communicate with to date. I was also impressed by the ability of the Apex team to mobilize highly skilled and equipped resource people to share their experiences. Bits and pieces learnt from WIWIK has enabled me manage my workloads better as a finance professional as well as improve my work-planning ability. To conclude, WIWIK is a great and mind-blowing seminar which round-tables the crème de la crème in every industry. Every participant will have the ability to have hands on interactions with seasoned industry players as to how they made it during their university education.
- Francis Tetteh Padi
My participation in WIWIK 17 made one thing clear; that in this our age and time, failure is never a safe haven, doing nothing about your vision and aspirations would always be the worst option. It dared me to dream more and reach for the apex! There is always room at the top! I was happy about the upgrade in technology, IT, publicity and zeal of the organisers and the positive ripple effects they had on the audience. At WIWIK, I learnt that activity is not equal to success, there are things I must know and consciously do or apply to make me successful. In my current field of work, this nugget is one of my main pillars and is underpinning a lot of excellence. To all our new audiences, WIWIK 2018 and all future editions are carved to take you higher. If you want to be dared to be better than your current self and equipped with what you need to do exactly that, then make plans to join the next edition
- Nana Adusei-Poku Ababioh – KPMG Ghana
I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend WIWIK conferences. Is really worth the experience. One critical lesson I learnt from the Keynote Speaker in 2016 (Bernard Avle) was that, “Leadership is all about Confidence and Courage”, this mind-set has helped me, am now leading a group of 5 Audit Officers. I will recommend WIWIK to any undergraduate time and again.
- Felix Tiah Mensah – Finance Officer (GN Bank)